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Friday, August 13, 2010


Over fifteen months, Sebastian Junger followed a single platoon based at a remote outpost in eastern Afghanistan. His objective was both simple and ambitious: to convey what soldiers experience - what war actually feels like.

In these pages, he fives insight into the truths of combat: the fear, the honor, and the trust among men. He describes things that few civilians will ever witness or go through: the endless, body-numbing anticipations of battle; the unquestioned and automatic risks soldiers take in combat situations to protect their brothers; the adrenaline-fueled confusion of being ambushed. Junger shows what it means to fight, to serve, and to face down mortal danger on a constant basis.

This hits home for me, so I am extremely interested in what is written. I think I will have a better appreciation for everything after this. Enjoy!

The Passage & Our Growing Club...

Last night we met in Lawrence at The Oread Hotel to discuss The Passage by Justin Cronin.  We ate at Slice of History, a cute little pizza place in The Oread Hotel.  If you haven't been to The Oread yet, you must!  It's such a beautiful hotel!
We all agreed the book was LONG.  Too long for us to be honest.  After discussing it more we all {I think} started liking it a little more once we got some questions cleared up and talked about.  This book is part of a trilogy, thank goodness because there is a lot to clear up!  Breana {thankfully} noticed a lot of little things that some of us didn't {me & Erin} so she brought to light a few things that we didn't catch about the book that put a little extra twist on the storyline!  I'm so glad Breana is a thorough reader... I was bored with the book at times so I started skimming {which Amy said she did too:)} so when I do that then I obviously miss out on parts of it that end up being kinda important!
Even though the book wasn't our favorite it did give us a lot to discuss.  I guess that's what a Book Club is about; we may not always like the pick but at least it gives us something to talk about!

Our Book Club is GROWING!
Our Book Club now has TWO Mommys to Be!!  Breana is 10 weeks pregnant and is due March 14th.  Breana's baby will be joining Big Brother Logan who is 2.  Erin is 26 weeks pregnant and due on November 23rd!  How exciting that in just a few months our Book Club will grow by two precious babies...we can't wait girls!

We are SO excited to pass on our love of books to the babies, so last night we threw Erin a SUPRISE Book Shower!  Since our last Book Club meeting she found out that she is having a baby BOY so we wanted to celebrate her news & "shower" her with books she can start reading to him.
She was so surprised!
We each brought her books and signed inside the covers so Baby L will know who gave him the books {& so Mama Erin will remember forever too!}  We had such a fun time finding the books & enjoyed reading them ourselves. 

Thanks for a fun night girls!  Can't wait for next month!!
Cute Amy... always brings a smile to your face:)