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Friday, June 25, 2010

The Carrie Diaries Meeting

Last night was our June meeting reviewing The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell.  We met at Free State Brewery in Lawrence.  Emily got to join us this month also, we are hoping she can be a "full-time" member of LBBC:)
We had LOTS of laughs last night, I had such a good time... and as always I really look forward to our meetings cause it's our excuse to get together with the girls!  We all felt the same way about the book... about 3 stars, nothing too exciting but was a quick and easy summer read.  Everyone is a Sex & the City fan so many of us were wanting more of a connection from Carrie's high school days to what we saw on the TV show and there was no connection until the last sentence of the book!  Erin thought the author could have made Carrie more into fashion because she rarely mentions it.  Also, her family is never mentioned or included in the TV show so it was a little strange to hear so much about them in the book.  We all agreed that her friend Lali (we all pronounced this name differently by the way!) was a total "B"!  I think many of us can recall friends like that from high school! 
Breana thought the author did a great job telling the High School story, we all agreed.  We remember feeling like that "one guy" was going to be THE ONE... & then he breaks your heart as he moves on to the next girl.  It feels like your world is ending... yada, yada yada.  It was sad that at the end she felt like she didn't really have any friends, but I think a lot of girls feel like their real friendships don't develop until after high school.
Overall we thought the book was OK, if you are looking for a quick & easy read then this is it.  Don't set your expectations too high {like many of us} because the TV show is still MUCH better!

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