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Thursday, September 30, 2010

September Meeting- War by Sebastian Junger

It's been 7 long weeks since our last meeting!  Tonight we got together to discuss War by Sebastion Junger which was Breana's pick.  I think we all came to the meeting not "liking" the book but after discussing it we left appreciating it more.  We all agreed we didn't care for his style of writing, we craved to know more of each characters life since it was non-fiction.  I think we all wanted to find a connection with one or more of them but with his style of writing it made it fairly difficult to do that.
It was an interesting read and even though we didn't "love" it, at least it gaves us lots to discuss.  It sparked discussion on war in general and the lifestyle of a soldier.  The book made us appreciate what is going on in our country and what our soldiers are fighting for.  For many of us war is a topic we don't want to talk about, because it gets a little uncomfortable I think.  It was good for us to talk about it though, and even though the book isn't on any of our Top 10 lists I think it's one we can all appreciate the writers journey and telling of the story.

We also have a new LBBC member!!!  Our sorority sister Jodi from college joined us tonight!  Hopefully we didn't scare her off & she'll join us again next month:)   

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