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  • Weight of Silence- Heather Gudenkauf
  • The Castaways- Elin Hilderbrand

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hunger Games Meeting

Tuesday we had our Book Club meeting.  In fact, we all read the book so fast that we moved our meeting up 2 weeks!  So, you can assume that we all really enjoyed the book!  Hunger Games is part of a trilogy, Catching Fire is the next book & Mocking Jay comes out this summer.  We had lots of discussion which was awesome, I think we talked more about this book than we have at any of the others.  I think all of us are going to read the 2nd book.  Breana even set out items to represent each of the Districts (hence the random items in the picture below).  She's so creative!  Fun night, good discussion with good friends!  Great Pick Bre!


  1. I love it!! This is so fun!! See you on 04/29/10!!

  2. I LOVED these books so much - can't wait for the final one although it will be so bitter sweet!!

    Did you know that kids are reading this book in middle school and that parents around here (GA) are complaining that it's anti-government? I laughed... probably too hard!