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Friday, March 5, 2010

Last Chance Saloon Meeting

Last night we met in Topeka at my house for the discussion of Last Chance Saloon by Marian Keyes.  We were missing two girls, Amy & Shandal...we missed you girls! 
I had chosen this book so it's a little ironic that I was THE ONLY one to not finish it...yes, you heard me correctly...I didn't even finish my own book club choice!  I have been super busy the last few weeks and read all but the last 80 pages...and according to the girls last night that's when it gets good!  It took all of us a while to get into it, but overall we all thought it was an "okay" choice.  We agreed that it was pretty straight forward, not leaving much discussion for a Book Club.  So, instead of chatting only about Book Club it was nice to talk about other things going on in our lives since we are all married and don't get much "girl time".  Breana picked the next book so stay tuned because she'll reveal it on the blog later today!  I'm excited for something new and different!

Even thought I didn't have time to finish the book I DID have time to find a beverage that I thought was fitting for our Book Club....

Little Black Dress Wine!
I was pretty excited when I saw this so I had to have it for us last night!  And, it was good wine too!
Until next month...Happy Reading!


  1. Hee, hee. We look silly. Or at least I do in my "Where's Toto?" shirt. Had fun :)

  2. So sorry I missed! And sorry I missed out on the wine, too. ;) I'm excited for our next book and will see you all soon!! P.S.....I just updated my Shelfari!

  3. Nothing like reading couple with wine. Definitely my kinda club!